ADAMEK CONSULTANT INDIA PVT. LTD. established 2nd of August 2006.

Being an agency recognised by the embassy of Czech Republic in Delhi for translations, with our presence both in the Czech Republic and India, we have a team of experienced staff and associates. We provide support services in translations from Hindi, English, Bengali to Czech Language, additionally we assisted in all types of Visa processes, assist with the admissions to the Czech Universities and also businessmen in their businesses. Thus we provide timesaving multiple solutions under one roof.

Our clients being our support, many of them are today our friends rather than being only clients to us.

The domain we initiated during festival season in 2013 has made a presence among people with assistance through the different initial procedures to get into Czech republic with their different interests.

We do offer our services which are chargeable in different aspects, one may find surfing through our site, Still one may ask what these people are specializing in, the truth is we understand is the language and culture of the country, for being 30 years with the country, following the country by the eyes of an Indian comparing with other countries. Its our business today, but we enjoy the passion and love towards the country, it makes us sing about the country and the Czechs. 

Being established in Delhi with a team of 8+ and in Prague with 10+ employees we provide the easy, cheap and time saving solutions, thus our mission of making an easier approach for the Indians and other people from the Indian subcontinent to the Czech Republic.

Till date with the thousands of translation of documents for the visa applicants as well as corporates in India, we assisted more than 3000 people with visas joining there jobs, families, universities and starting up their business since 2006. Also we do translation and interpretation assignments for Czech Government and different renowned companies in India and in Czech Republic.

Since 2018 ADAMEK CONSULTANT is established as a manpower agency licensed in Czech Republic, we hire people from India welders, fitters and in other designations only for mechanical industry.

We hope we will prove our existence by giving 100% to the society, thus making our existence meaningful.  

Sincere regards,

Vijay Bakshi

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