We assist in legalizations (attestation of document for its further use) or superlegalization (attestation of document for its further use in a foreign country. For India superlegalization is substituted by apostille issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs India. For documents issued by the countries Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh the document should be attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the respective country and further attested with the embassy. Embassy of Czech Republic attests the signature and seal of the issuing officer from the Ministry of external affairs of the respective country.

For all Education qualification related Indian documents, the documents should be attested by the Home affairs of the state where the document is issued.  


We translate the documents to Czech language, for the translation to be further used with the Czech government department should have a legalizing clause proving the authenticity of the translation.  For the translation from Czech language our company provides the seal and signature of the company authorized person which is widely recognized by the Indian government offices as well as banks and others in India.


The highest educational qualification from the Indian government recognized Schools, Colleges should be further submitted with the respective departments of Czech Republic for the evaluation of the same for the purposes of its recognition in Czech Republic. Our office in Prague deals with such cases and assists with the same.


We assist with all kinds of legal documents required in Czech Language such as Power of Attorney, Sworn affidavit, Agreements, Future agreements, eventually reply to summons received from different Government departments of Czech Republic, and in appeals for the refusal of visas.


We assist in all kind of attestations of documents, in addition we assist in getting your Higher Secondary/University education for further education in Czech Republic.

We assist in preparations of all kinds of affidavits and power of attorneys required by the Czech offices including appeal for rejected visa applications.

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