VISA SERVICES                           

You have already prepared for your relocation to Czech Republic (preparing documents for visa and are not sure how to proceed, planning to join your spouse or business or university or research work in Czech Republic), we assist with the visa applications throughout the whole procedure, starting with the guidance in correct documentation required for particular type of application:-

  1. Attestation of the required documents,
  2. Translation of the documents to Czech language,
  3. Initial preparation for the interviews,
  4. Submission of the applications,
  5. Interpretation during interview to Czech language (if required)
  6. Your representation with the Czech embassy in new delhi, and in Czech Republic with the ministry of interior with the application proceedings,
  7. Facilitation of purchase of Czech insurance policies,
  8. Collection of the passports,
  9. Sending the passport/s to your door steps, and
  10. Guidance for general requirements, if you do not know the country well.

***We assist with the appeals in case of refusal of applications, in cooperation with our associate advocates in Czech Republic.***

Since the opening of our Indian office of the company ADAMEK CONSULTANT (INDIA) PVT. LTD., i.e. from 1st of October 2006 we have assisted with long term applications more than 3 000 successfully relocated Indian, Nepali, Srilankan and Bangladeshi citizens staying in Czech Republic, many of them have already got permanent residence visas. As per Ministry of Interior Czech Republic In January 2007 there were only 740 Indians in Czech Republic and as on 30th of June 2020 there were 5 566 Indians, which indicates more than 4500 Indians have come with long stay purposes to Czech Republic in last 13 years, more than 761 Indians have settled in Czech permanently.

We provide prior consultations for mandatory documents as per the law 326/1999 Coll. Foreigner's Act of CR as further amended, facilitate the attestations and translations of the required documents, representing yourself for filing visa applications, and after approval purchase of mandatory insurance policies, and also with facilitation of the air tickets and further guidance for further travels to destination cities. We proudly claim that with one stop service delivery being our aim we have earned the name and reputation with our presence in the Indian market, so all of our clients are initially looking for us due to references only. Our relocated clients are IT Professionals, cooks, managers, businessmen, students, research scholars, spouses, and children.

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